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Abandoned Me



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Every time I think it’s all good

Something turns it bad

Every time I’m showing love

It feels like it’s something you never had

Never really felt or seen but I know that’s untrue

Cause you had plenty women who was loving on you

Why don’t you accept it

Why do you fight it

Why do you always make me feel like it’s me

When I’m the one that’s been riding

The one that’s been down, the one who soul you got

The one to never judge and the one that will literally die

For you I will

Do pretty much anything

For me,

You’d pretty much just say *** me and then abandon me

But why?

For what?

I thought I was giving you my everything

Guess everything ain’t enough.

For a man like you, 

What does it take?

To show you that I’m loyal and for your heart I’d never break

Tell me what it is?

What is the key?

Cause my worst fear keeps coming true

Of you continuously abandoning 

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naze00011 says:

This is a really deep and emotional poem, if this poem is conveying how you really feel, I feel for you. There's nothing like giving your all and getting nothing back. But this is a very deep and emotional poem, keep letting the pain out it will help you.
Contest Winner  

The Immortal Wize says:

How many times does it take for someone to leave you before you realize they're gone? Often they return before you realize your worth. This poem isn't about a woman being done wrong it's about a victim of self abandonment. I agree with naze00011 keep letting the pain out. Much Respect!

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