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A Mother's Touch

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She would give anything to see your mother face for the first time.

To have a moment to cherish for the rest of her life. 
But tragedy stole that from her. 
Looking in the mirror, wondering is it her mother she sees. 
The face in the mirror is a face of a queen.

Her biggest desire is to have her mother's love. 
To lay across her mother's lap and share all her fears. 
To know what it is like to have that mother-daughter bond. 
To not feel like she is the child that her mother didn't want. 
But drugs stole that from her. 
Crying herself to sleep, wondering would she end up sharing the same faith. 
But her blessings in life is there to comfort her. 

There is a void in her life, where her mother's love live. 
She was not only her mother but her best friend. 
Wishing to see her just one last time. 
Grieving her passing as if it happened yesterday. 
A pain that never seem to fade. 
But she take it one day at a time and be a good mother to her children as her mother was to her.  
Taking her mother's legacy to the next level. 
Longing to have the unknown 
Desiring to have what seems to be impossible to reach
Wishing to have what has already been taken


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after vision says:

my poet a mothers touch is heaven sent, calling mine now

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Ezell-Dazh says:

Great is motherhood.. Touching words

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