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Shine is from the change

White collar currency reign

Pitching pence against walls of 7&11s

Solo cup ceelo gamed up in austerity


Brown and shiny herring, looking up staring

No one really cares 2b one, except in multi pairings

Offered as a unsolicited comment, 2 make sense

Miked Pence only good enough 2b Vice President

Clairvoyant when purchased to solicit hidden thoughts

Breaking yourself whenever you are caught without 


In doubt to some in sum, sold out for nickels and dimes

Banned by the rich and influential as being totally inconsequential

Although entrepreneurs will save many along the road to a come up

Infamously stacked sets of Fifty are good enough 2b into wrapping

Ninety-nine of em is a problem, when everything costs a hundred 


Stockings are stuffed on blocks to clock heads from ole fashioned 

Resting on doorways to window sills in hopes to promote good happenings

Hats and belts embolized and characterized as fashion sense

Even shoe compartments save space to transport in loaves of two

Fringed value  by  others  pushing more abundant cheap mettle 

Hold on rebels, look up for the signal coming in the form of Pennies from Heaven!














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SYQ222 says:

Excellent write!!! Im feelin you!!! Thanks for sharing

poems by this commentor


2b2b2 says:

Thanks kindly Steph (winks)

Ladypoet45 says:

Awesome word play 2B, thank you for sharing this.

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