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I came to do what I love
to do, show my gratitude
not in the mood, got a lot
of attitude, in my aim
you bettah up your game
bring your A, I got a B
I got a C, I got a D and a E
it's all Elementary
  the deal of a Century
I would not be here
if you had not sent for me
I hear a symphony
can't stop this, just watch this
time is an essence
time for a lesson
school of learnin
fetch a pale it's burnin
I may B out of order
never could fit in
never cared too
bully me, no one dared too
I came straight out of Watts
graduated from Locke
pop locked like pop rocks
in soda pop if times up
slow the clock, mimic a robot
then STOP still can't let
my fans down, plan to
do this as long as I'm around
to this craft, I am passionately
bound and will not stop until
I have laid it down


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