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2 tha beautiful young nubian queen, whose facial countenance stirs passion as wen i waz a teen!

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I want to meet and establish aye contact with you. I'm waiting for you.... did you get to see the pew buck hair pics babe?Did you get my previous reply? I am still waiting here..for your responsed. ➧!!!! looking for real !!▱✸⇍✸▱▱I guess, since you responded you are not a faker. Not sure if you want to get together tonight, tomorrow…or maybe wait until the vampire weekend? I am not going to lie fore hie really hoped to get some as soon as possible. now. Iago from fighting to swimming in a single stroke// i go skinny dipping in the human sea mebbe git a poke// from a underwater basket weaver deplorable by a nutter bloke.// Act cha lee, I am free for no more than an eternity. I am ready to time eye hungry hook up with the alignment of all planets. I hope it will be great honor to me, i think you understand what I mean. dr dim mind i goot no brain just empty spaced lined// where gray matter did the mental bumps p against hug lees n grind// ta resolve mike cry sis when in straitened bind// so please dune hot be averse to judge me as these meandering sentences git aligned. i moost be dense// cuz ma noggin found your codified message - perhaps clear 2 other gents//not the least bit comprehensible hence// this email as mild retribution - ha - juiced treat as utter non sense.// u r = a most glorious gift//unwittingly able with little effort my spirits 2 lift// yes, i.e. intercourse of body, mind and spirit -
hoop ja dew newt git miffed// worth more than fine spun gold - female shift. yam or could spud der heads over hi heals for u// though older, miles away n feel cooked in a mare it till ghoul lush stew//. so...take me to your boo da wah// whar er kin enjoy oomph pa// after removing panties n bra.//
 and lemme feel 215.370.8929 uber text chore// of yar bare naked lady skin with intent fore// play, and perchance present my emulation of a hoar// re: beast or that hunched backed named igor.// this mwm ™ simian with a smallish pricklycock eyed convoluted brain// his three legs skinny as those of a whooping crane// in tandem with elongated combo Sphinx canine body of a great dane// the unwitting donor she dog called elaine// additional about my cat a tonic pet agree
i will re:frain// thanks you vary mooch genesis, per this one human protoplasmic mic grain// upon verdant plain// sans freshet mountain spring - where fertile or if u preferfecund field rosy cheeked feral lane//
inxs of seeking pearl jam hued nirvana for a gal foremost in me mind and main// reason this ac/dc charged beatle browed fun guy - who haint no pane// hopes 4 acquaintanceship and friendship simple and plain//
expressed in the following quatrain// attempting to endure, this un pleasant mar writ till rein// from dis baad bard barred arse who iz newt in sane// despite riding with u2 and bard naked ladies on a gravy train//
while above in the heavens,the moon shadows doth wax and wane.
mo'e aboot dis well axle den hiss zen divinity codified rod gun ning 4 tha lil rose ™// off limits by the thorn until trust grows// and friendship born
intertwining body, mind and spirit of counterpart like a bowsprit after maybe a narrow miss lust will mutually adorn yet, i call on Eros to release another magical arrow, though i married, this chap devoid of sex quite so...maybe we could both could ease horny plight// of t'other later ton night// launching into surging testosterone might but mebbe we best chat on the phone first with chit chat light// whence ma bishop prick
silently screams 2 mount cha like a vaunted knight//a queenly gal no matter her age, creed, denomination, education nor height//, and also d sires erotic urges to take flight.// years ago, this mwm tended to be a grumbler// on account of owning a smallish penis, now i tend to be humbler//far smaller than the size of all snow white's dwarf combinedyet overshadowed by paul bunyan nada dumb bull lore
please venture forth without fear despite distant rumbler// let us rendezvous than perhaps after we kin slumber// whereby cogs and wheels of my overactive imagination turn like some well...er vulva cock er doodle dew into your nook of a cunt tree tumbler.// fire off a brief bull a tin i.e. text so my nearly atrophied phallus can get flexed.// postscript:
this simian known in the varmint world wide web as alias m. scott tulle bug// amber liquids o the dogs he doth not chug, nor down any mind expanding drug// boot experienced x2c spurred me 2 hug// and drink froom yar busty mother nada speedily from yar swollen bosom jug
which these supple fingers could gingerly lug// while mine lips beg to suckle as if from a nip pulled brasiere buckled mug// sniffs with his nose as when ah used to be a puppy pug// ye regale like some intricate oriental made rug// reality makes a debut appearance
only to remind myself this ering dither nebbish on slimy playing field as that the then retractable male member like slug.
from: this poe per bare back writer wannabe Scott Matthews does imp ploy// seeking his helen o troy. u kin need respond via email
please...wool ye tap out affirmation, confirmation, elucidation, genuflection, introduction, et cetera as the spirit doth move ye.
postscript:my locate? bryn mawr, pennsylvania, a mainline community about a dirty dozen deeds done dirt cheap miles from philadelphia.
hay4four@aol.com// Sent from my grouch cho marx iPhone 6Thanks ▱⇍▱⇍▱⇍▱⇍▱⇍▱⇍▱▱  Kisses :) 










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