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Spring with me lettuce roll



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Argh...i moost take a jet, train, auto to boot
n travel countless miles to quench me thirst
oonly 2b told to s coot
with mouth parch dry like desert sands,
not enough moisture

to strike up a tune on the ole skin flute
so passersby toss change into my case -

as if u give/gave a hoot
cuz ye probably got gobs of loot
so...the point mute
to prattle on and soil my birthday suit
wawa - (que in
bobbing doleful violins) - toot.

call me an oddball,
albeit a 64 year old married male
with a nasal drawl
boot i rarely watch videos

but feel the call
to bound head over heels toward books
that teeter on the upper most shelf n almost fall
upon me noggin -

with an echo..cho.ho.o down the hall
of the mountain king -

asleep so sh.. lest he wake n maul
this apostle - with he cohort peter n paul
to brainstorm a movie idea -

perhaps 'bout a sea man who doth trawl
cyberspace for a lovely lass named gabby
possibly swallowed by a whale

bigger than the great Chinese wall
whose plaintive plea

can be heard as help me....y'all!

my line of work
might crack u up,

which involves bing a twerk
tester on 2 posterior

fema ale approved cheeks =

a duty i doo doo not shirk
cuz my analsis

helps pheromones attain a perk
key level and keeps at bay

other male predators that lurk
in dark shadows, especially

at the edge of night seeking out this jerk
who coon sitters himself
a modest cheeky chap
sheepishly admits genitalia

2b functional, yet undersize dirk!

health to me = soundness

of body, mind and spirit
soundness equates ability

2 hunker down and do not quit
summoning forth energy

within well spring within pit
and pen jewel hmm...

of fiery passion inside that gets lit
when someone or something

spurs excitement n an aim 2 hit
that objective with gusto and true grit
also tempted 2go hither n yonder 2 flit
away from emotional, physical

or spiritual discomfort
emitted from uncertainty
that fires doubt a little bit

so...robustness also

includes exercise of entire being
inclusive would be

a nourishing diet - NO RING DING
drakes, or yodels, but...

yes CONSENSUAL sexual fling
for sustenance of basic
carnal, feral, hormonal...needs -
in accordance with

Abraham Maslow necessary as king
to usher inxs of existence to approximate
a pitch perfect day of autumn or spring
meek to conquer their mailer daemons
even if dashing off
2 the playground for a swing!

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