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Lost libido rez erected haint no fallacy



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Me primate chronological
adolescent age evinced
flood microsoft billeted gates
bursting viz ensian
fleshy prickly sticky stub,
though smallish, zee
tallywhacker proudly, joyously,
and deftly socked one seminal bang
courtesy garden variety generic rammy buck,
whose berry pull lite
hello ladies twig, could land

sucker punch damn the torpedo puncturing,
wharf lewd gates demolished, thus testosterone
wrested control vis a vis
expunged mighty tsunami
forceful tidal waves jabbed
and pierced boxer shorts
rendering underwear utterly useless as what?...
donut hole? ring without a ding? toothless dad?....
thence retracted whet ragged limp, floppy duff
flay dud discobolus?,

chewed biscuit ova Yankee dew till
birthed via super fresh fielding
acme teenage heterosexual
whet dreams made me
stir crazy experiencing vivid
lifelike erotic fantasies
firm he to feel an ache kin,
beck kin ing , and whisk kin -
with a nod to wink n,
blinkin and nod mine engorged phallus

sought check kin
at cali fornication, per base feral,
hormonal, and primal
antsy animal atavistic antics
brazenly daring me tubby craven,
at least a baker's dozen
to embolden issuance qua greeting
with ha "good evening
forte tuff hide meat curtains -

ah hanker ta deux an Aaron" cull
of the wild, and an
SOS tummy doppelganger
bro' blow job, cuz
back in days of young adulthood
practically any moving object
inflated ma dill dough,
particularly with onset
of raging testosterone,
once upon time introverted primate

felt his cribbed
ready flow with seminal fluid
if he minimally attempted to exit -
figurative stage door left -
to avoid the gooey glop
tug go deeper thru
unguarded Trojan horse eyelet entrance
of this young
(self emasculating) man, whose ordinarily
rather small male gonad

got rock hard like a hoe
especially at most moist tender vittles
inopportune instances; or watching
the backside wiggle of
freshly minted female teacher
did cap cha this common Joe,
who felt stymied, frustrated,
and Bo' jangled and
screwed up with vasocongestion
ribbed skin flute

like any other horny teenager,
would know (or feign)
how to find suitable gamine orifice
and many dudes
bragged about their masculinity
boasting about their
high achieving Ivy League score,
war hie felt chill and chary,
asper suddenly tha air
felt like five bell hoe,

which pent up carnal craving
grudgingly caved into manual stimulation
(a piss poor substitute)
until the august moment
bedding bare naked lady
who allowed, enabled and
provided a proper outlet er...
and/or inlet firm aye
experience absent heterosexual drive
contrary to integral normal predilection

toward physical intimacy,
which natural, sexual union
more healthy than candy,
and delivered to our lives
wholesome buns in the oven, which progeny
we did kindle two tumblr full
daughters both well on their
merry (go round the mulberry bush -
with Cheney saw in hand) way
toward positive future, yet this once

risqué, pesky, and frisky father experienced
a kamikaze nosedive concerning horniness
linkedin to frigidity - ice scribe prozac
as badpharmacological killer app
that gave masta baiter hiz mortal blow
with nary an slit tiff hide,
who haint so
hot fo' teacher, nor petty ,
whose when he espies tufted hello kitty.

Noah penile throbbing wracks
ma five feet and ten inch being,
yet arousal to enter the once portal
ova verboten fruit doth bring
measure for measure mush ado a boot
comb thing far this king fro licking in the lair
re: aperture felt envy and forced
to grapple with hearing
signature orgasmic groaning
signifying indubitable braggadocio.

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