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A Moment of Honesty

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If your looks could kill
My defiant will would still
Gaze upon your sight.
Infinite likes
For your hashtag 
My moonlight mistress
For heaven's sake,
If I should die today
What better way is there to go?

Miss Countess!
Counting the countless works of art
You've inspired.
My timeless muse
The museum of you, spans a millennium
In my mind,
Back to a time when I learned to be a star
So many late nights,
We spoke boldly to each other about who we are. 
And woe is me
On the open sea
Using the big city of lights 
To guide me 
to a place I'd rather be. 

But why you?
I've literally been halfway around the world and back.
And with that
I have yet to meet a woman more perfectly imperfect than you. 

Time is proving my affection is without condition for you. 

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JustOneStoryTeller says:

Love this one really nice!

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