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A Second Wind

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I'm running to you
please don't chase me away
I came here to see you today
what am I suppose to do
when you say...go away
where will I go, where will I stay

without you I'm hopeless
and yes I guess I'm homeless
if home is where the heart is
the hardest part is the parting
of ways

I'm here, right here, standing
helplessly in love with your
loveliness, don't be so harsh
please try a little tenderness

all I dream is being in your arms
again even if it means this kind of love
is sin anyway, I don't care
what is a sock without its pair
so please don't turn me away

I'm out of breath not much left
I ran all the way here to be with you
it's all I can do to be by your side

It would hurt me if you were to die
I just might press metal to my brain
go completely insane  and take my life
just saying every time I call
you don't answer, I hang up

still I know I will love again




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