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A Fragmented Wish

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Upon a falling star one wish is made,

but the heart recedes and trembles from fear.

Embracing the obscurity and heartache this wish will bring

I utter a new wish to take back what has already been granted.

A wish is nothing more but a fragmented thought of the mind

of fools who believe that with hope it will someday come true,

but never realize the toll it takes as time is wasted waiting for it to come true.

A wish holds no value for it is as empty as a bottomless pit,

A wishing well that contains no water;

only coins from those who sought to fill their own emptiness.

Amongst the weeping willows I cry softly,

Begging for my wish to come true,

but with each plea I wish it does not.

Two wishes: one for that of Love and the other....

What is that other wish I dare say?

As nightfall eludes me once again,

I wish upon another falling star

so that Love may enter my world of suffering;

But my heart has grown accustomed.

So in conclusion what I wish for is......

My heart will not grant it for it has receded and trembles in fear.

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