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3 In The Morning

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 Its 3 in the morning and i find myself struggling to sleep
Always alone but there we were cuddling in the deep
Driven out from the memories i can't seem to be forgetting
Its upsetting how i throw passes with these demons intersecting
Forcing myself to sleep from all this unwanted stress
Not looking to impress but just tryna clear out this mess
Levels of frustration be rising like the temperature
My inner self craves for complete power as the emperor
While all i do is go back and forth like a messenger
Jezebel stays chasing dreams so i gotta be ahead of her
Never had my heart beat in such a fast pace
I know life ain't right when you place God in last place
Knowing what i've done, Its hard for me to look at my damn face
I was to be in your arms instead my life is somewhere else
Deep below the water like your man Michael Phelps
Everything i once knew and believed is slowly fading
I'm stuck with love while everybody else keeps on hating
Just how everything is going down, Its so degrading
Even though when i'm in danger, You come and do the saving
What we're used to won't be around for too long
Which is why i wanna remind myself through this song
This life keeps raining on me so i keep on brainstorming
Tryna go along the road even with this pain forming
Nothing will be left standing on the day we hear your name roaring
They came swarming as i woke up exactly around 3 in the morning

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