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got a new poem ready for this Sunday!! It's entitled "The Unspoken Lesson".

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Damn, once again I fell victim to the past,

Procrastination of my future my tongue boasts of failure,

no hope my house is made of glass,

I envision what cannot be seen green is no longer the color of my pasture.

A fear of the unknown,

What lies ahead I impatiently wait for it to be shown,

Reveal to me my future so that I may arrange my plans,

But alast oh Lord my plans are already created by your mighty hands.


what is this love in which you speak of?

From another soul similiar to mine

I laugh for pain is what I received along the recesses of time,

Could it be that you speak of the love from Heaven above?

A sinner who knows right from wrong,

And still sides with the flesh,

Devious plots I truly destest,

From my heart I sing a sorrowful song,

Searching for earthly love I have forgotten true love,

It is through You that I am,

Why do I search for something already present?


Get up I say!

Live for today!

Pray for a future!

Learn to love God and yourself before you love another!

Upon my feet I slowly rise,

The struggles I face will not be my demise,

Even though my speech is impaired my thoughts are not,

My low self esteem will no longer be dominant.

I take a fighting pose and ready myself,

For as long as I breathe the count will never reach ten.

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This is real

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