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A Love Letter to Christina

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 Alarm clocks ringing as I wake up in the AM,

Morning birds are chirping so I yawn and get to praying,

Thank you to the Lord for lettin' me take in the day and,

Thank you to my mother for teaching me not to break when,

Haters train to bring you down or life gets harder, 

Shout out to my true pops- my nerdy stepfather.

Brothers and sisters too, cousins I miss the crew,

Now we playing catch up-for that trade I chose author. 

Writing down rhymes ev'ry time I get the chance-

I don't care about the game no, I care about romance.

So, anytime you're free girl you just give me a call,

And I'll take you to the movies, the park or the mall.

We could hit up Six Flags, maybe spend a couple pesos,

You're cuter than the rest, end of story, 'cause I say so.

I want to hold your hand, plus I'd like to get to know ya,

You're into how I tell it, but you'd rather see me show the,

True sort of affection that we know you deserve, 

So I'll kick off with a letter, little hope and some nerve,

Just to send a few words your way for awhile,

All I'll ask you in return is for a kiss and a smile-

Meanwhile, these in-between trials, 

A nine to five grind, a search for a purpose,

Been tryna find mine. Yet somewhere in these songs,

I found a place where you belong.

So if you stand strong, sing along.





-Malcolm Sullivan

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