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"Tune in"

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influences my 
The very nature
Of it
Makes me love it
Rhythm with a
Rap Culture
One thing that won't fade
Over time
Through origins
Of poetry
The proof 
Rests in our chest
The very best 
Put there talents on display
To amaze
Through beats
It's neat 
I can close my eyes
Speak aloud 
what comes to mind
When I open my eyes
What surrounds is a crowd
Amazed not by me
But what I speak about
There are some who 
Refuse to listen 
Or dont feel it
Those are the ones 
I beg to give there brain permission
To extend its limits
It's takes two to engage 
In a fight
But a crew to win a war
Even though truth hurts
In the end
It heals the sores
In the end
All I have 
Is my path 
And my Past
And my cast of people
On my side 
To conquer this worlds 
Words to the wise
Be you
And in tune
To the music 

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msmaja187 says:

👏👏 very nice

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Ak rio says:

Thank you ms maja

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