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A Harlot's Prayer Part II : A Harlot's Story

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  I can observe how people live off their own lies

Twist the truth a little so they can discuss the things they dispise

How a woman could sleep with many men and yet again

still have the nerve to say their all just her friends

It's a lie, but it will sell, just as long as she believes it

It's just what she says to everyone, but guarantee that at night she's creepin'

And she looks descent, she doesn't have to sell herself short

But for the love she wants she doesn't recieve, so to give it, what's the point ?

When she looks up in the mirror and stares at her own reflection

The eyes that glare back at her scream for her to change her direction

Pretty skin, nice complexion, her body is a blessing

Those eyes they sparkle, shine so bright, you would never guess that  she's stressin'

Her reputation is a repelent to keep her from getting wifed

SHe feels like no matter what she does she'll never get it right

On the street she wears a smile, but cries alone at night

She's contrite, as the next man caresses her skin

Un-pure thoughts she doesn't want so she blockesit out, but lefs him in

Her soul is absent its tragic how it always happens and she can't stop it

The next step is for her to catch a disease and end up in a coffin

It's not her fault all she wanted was love from her father

Instead she found temporary love in these men who'd never even bother\

to talk to her, hold her hand, ask her how she is

The one thing they want is sex, and that's what she gives 

They'll never give her life some depth, make her think of having kids

That's just all she'll ever be good for, it's just the life she lives

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