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A Harlot's Prayer

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It's sunny outside

but cloudy in my head

Storms in my brain,

different men in my bed

Highly aware of my actions,

but not sure what they're for

yet it somehow makes me feel better

When a different man's at my door.


How is it possible for me to ever love a man

when the true feeling of love has never taken its stand?

I sit and I pray,

but day by day,

This storm in my head turns to a hurricane.


I am but a harlot to these dogs 

and though they think me that way

it's my only way to feel loved

My mixed emotions cause my body to lust

as if my bed wasn't in action 

I'd fade away to dust

These men only want one thing

and that's the only thing I trust

SO what's gonna happen when I don't wanna give it up?

I'll be un-loved and un-touched

It's like there's no way out

My fault for allowing my body

to be the benefit of the doubt.

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Ak Rio says:

"The young mc" has mad skills!

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Royale Jones says:

I love this point of view

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