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Today’s Runaway Slave (Pondering Haiku)



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Loosed away, work chains.

Underground railroad egress

Train of thought delays


Crowding on platforms

Travails via black star lines

No fruit from labor


Commuted sentence

Telework logs overtime.

Work for life balance


Me work come from dawn.

Night come and me wan' go home.

To rent too damn high


Retirement parties

Not a care, no Medicare

No service, track work


Plights fight inclusion

Dead presidents, no regard

Mule train solution


Forty-acre tool

Diversified inclusion

Track improvement plan


Redcoats strike again.

Uncovered hoods, sundown towns

Discounting two cents


Enough sense to know.

Historically endowed.

Black and Proud to be.



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mlowe5 says:

ONE. Love the messaging canvasing flow, 2b2b2. Peace and Love.

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