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Natural soporific narcotic


just different

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Recurrent suicidal thoughts

vaingloriously wend along winding road
within windmills of my mind

(o'er a death cab for cutie weeknd)
yakking, yanking, and yawking zeal

becalming this crash test dummy rolling

stone temple pilot inxs

of maroon 5 plus decades long

perdition hellaciously slogging

slow as adam and the ants,

thru fifty shades of gray's


anatomy common weal

masterly baiting this motley crue (cutting),

beatles browed, beastie boy,
foo fighters kickstart new edition

quickening reo speedwagon treadwheel

outre gee (bee) us, grateful dead,

mailer daemons inhabit

cavernous fist size vastness steel

via herbie han (hermans hermits)

cheesy munster trap doors that steal,

deep purple swiftly tailored

culture club members squeal

hosted by megadeth

pack rat boston for real

venue at tokyo hotel,

via en grave invitation

signed by alice in chains poison huss kiss

sing, which will spellbind

once contents unveiled,

an instant jane's addiction peal


immediately choking off air supply

then alice cooper egging bad company

to hypnotize the guess who sacrificial meal
supplanting raw

primal scream from spinal tap

acquiescing self to abandon all hope,

especially if black sabbath joins

creedence clearwater revival

dark shadows would demand one

(to take a knee) and kneel


before sacrificing oneself

at the beck and call

of evanescent nirvana

experiencing permanent relief,

sans soul (twisted) sister riding a hansom

off phish hull heart shaped coffin

ample room enough for blind

melon collie 10,000 maniacs,
their healing powers profusely emanating

via m&m shaped talking heads

methinks averring obeisance

to judas priest and hooters

with metallica linkedin with mötley crüe

coldplay feeling of eternal sleep,

where quiet riot

joins carpenters, whose underground
bunker with golden arches
resembles empyreal

heavenly vault wreathed soundgarden

with electric light orchestra

sepulchral crowded house indicative

cynthesis iz done on a green day,

whereat dizzy gillespie afterlife deal

and you bet your sweet bippy meme,

an extra bonus for orthodox believers

(absent myself - a skeptic),
whose karma credit Suisse

with long deceased meatloaf

with soul asylum and heart to anele!

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