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Try mumbo jumbo chicken gumbo soup saith dumbo


just different

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Yours truly an unfortunate hostage

within Homo sapien zoo

presenting poetic hodge podge

and mis mash to you

looking for unwitting subject(s) to woo,

and albeit impossible mission) to free me,

where within human bondage I stew

more specifically mine personally


custom designed invisible
prison self made,

thus wishing to don persona

of such an éminence grise

as Jawaharlal Nehru,

and trumpet courteous helloo

before bidding kith and kin

and fellow humans permanent adieu.


When free and clear out of the blue

methinks I hear a voice

calling me matt chew

which intones do

please try a healthy dose - Mister Fitzhugh,

a Louisiana creole speciality touted

as psychological cureall within Hangzhou

capital of Zhejiang

sheng (province), China


where amidst bustling

businesses as usual

happens to live animated cartoon

caricature, whose modesty peddling

holistic and homeopathic

(interestingly enough) Asian Jew,

who many neighboring residents

thought semitic rapscallion

long in the tooth occupant loo


duck criss cause he exhibited inhibition,

essentially said reprobate a coward,
who didst udder moo
if you dear reader can bull leave,

hence nonestablishmentarian fella

in their (others) netview

hashtagged snake oil salesman

buzzfeeding gullible poo

courtesy legendary secret formula


comprising his mumbo jumbo

chicken gumbo soup,

our mutual friend Dumbo

doth heartily broker

entrancing kickstaring rendezvous

panacea as genuinely true

but aforenamed solitary wordsmith

also incorporates voodoo

to scare away mailer daemons

all the way to Xanadu


located (courtesy Google)

in the modern-day Zhenglan Banner

in inner Mongolia on southeastern edge

of the Mongolian plateau

The city founded as first capital

of Kublai Khan, the leader

of Mongol Borjigin clan

who founded Yuan dynasty that ruled

most of modern-day China,

Korea, and its surrounding areas.

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