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Easter as interpreted by one...


just different

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rebated, rebelled, rebirthed, rebooted,
and rebuked courtesy
one ill shod Unitarian atheist,
who means NOT to affect

any sacrilegious fallout
nor offend devoutly religious
man, woman, or child,
when the most important
Christian holiday notated,
a veritable “movable feast”
occurs Sunday, March 31, 2024.

Though avast percentage

of stonehenge temple piloted ghosts,

harking back millennia

constantly zip unseen thru aerospace,
easily being mistaken for led zeppelin,

they unwittingly espy

woolly sheep hush fleeced herd

profoundly religious village peep pull

plodding fast as their

cleft hoofs take them

along well worn path

of former crusaders
analogous to Riders on the Storm.


Among acquiescent, concupiscent
fervescent, juvenescent
obmutescent (äbmy??tes?n(t)s),
and unreminiscent church going subjects

versus one self repentant

quest diagnostic shunning skeptic poet

suffers interminable emotional flagellation

employing righteous indignation

against his own iniquitous misdeeds

sullying the sacrosanct marital covenant.


Unpardonable egregious transgressions

committed (well nigh

dirty deeds done dirt cheap
more'n a dozen orbitz ago)

think adulterous flagrante delicto

constituted consummating rutting

sabotaging high fidelity.


Passionate intercourse incorporating

communicating non verbal

vernacular animal needs

spoken on behalf of laity

comprising unlearned, nevertheless

superstitious population

indulged verboten fruit appetite,

yet adroit oral (tongue in cheek)

spread courtesy word of mouth.


Unlike doubting thomas here
sitting on his rumpled stilted skin
most pious markedly take as gospel
Jesus Christ as Superstar

every word in religious tomes

their collective soul asylum polestar,

and doth decree important doctrines

with especial accord courtesy the cars

equal insignificance applied toward

Judeo-Christian holidays

across the chessboard of life,


thus Easter ranks as no exception

to the golden rule,

where Santa Claus

didst dodge Duesenberg
reached an accord
following auspicious signs

alit in the night sky

shaped like a drinking gourd

perhaps amassing plentiful harvests

upon hamlets strewn

across then scantily populated Earth


asper cornucopia exhibited secret hoard

sharing plentiful Horn
(and Hard art lesson learned)
to stave off barrenness, ignored

going forward seeding nascent

March Madness with
swift help from Lord

and Taylor as midwife hoot

tended Ville Nova moored
by striking Wildcat fanatics,

who unbelievably


espied heavens cleft asunder

and golden rays poured

while collective spectators

loudly deafeningly screamed
while housed within the soundgarden

analogous to ferocious stray cats,

who hissed and roared

witnessed history scored
earning players knighted

with Excalibur sword,
thence entire team handed


Taj Mahal shaped award,
which aforementioned

ass hide lacks moxie, cuz zit

happens tubby April Fool's joke,

thus above iterated

verses somehow needs
just a little bit of relevance to yoke
thine admitted ambivalent

reaction to sports,
yea aye pay figurative toke

hen to Rabbinic, quixotic

iconic, Hebraic, generic,

fanatic, ecstatic primal

tribal village people
wu clan destine woke,

and swinging focus of this poem

back toward Religious

perp ported berth,

when (sans antiquity)
donjon we now donning
gay apparel trumpet signaled

thus, any superstitions


blew away dearth
when distant shofar heard
in every home and hearth
anticipating rabbit arrival

of the Easter Bunny,
who brings eggs sited mirth
and hoi polloi doth hop poly

distribute sweet treats,
which blessed children

of the korn as grown adults,
no matter necessity

for teeth to be removed
the sugary over indulgence wool worth

today thee American Dental Association

chastises candy manufacturers
bandying more weight

gaining deadly, debauched,

and decadent, trait

then adultery - verboten fruit to sate

hash-tagged (vamoose skat

dad dulled) reprobate.

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