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The human race is a chase, the prey is our dreams.

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Platinum Elite Disrupted



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I just hit the top level of the hotel’s program rewards 

Thought my life would change by using some of those points towards

The purchase of some gifts or a weekend getaway

Buy when I tried to book a suite for my next birthday 

I couldn’t use the points I earned to book a fancy resort 

Turns out, that I was still about several thousand points short

So I scrolled down the list of gifts that I don’t even need

Jewelry and clothing made of tweed

So I choose a birthday present and used my own money to book the resort

Now the balance shows $0 on my rewards points report

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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WarriorCarryingWater says:

Thanks love_supreme. I finally made it to Platinum Elite status with Marriott, and it’s not as great as I thought it would be - LOL!

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