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Red hot chili pepper poker face...


just different

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Born that way angry antithetical

mailer daemon when...

all of Christendom bows their collective
talking heads in supplication,
a temporary truce and reprieve

against bigotry, deviltry, idolatry (nah),
et cetera across the nation.


Yuletide pageant merry doth go round

where credo, ethos, and

faith no more jinxes webbed, wide world,
nevertheless soul asylum limned courtesy

peace on earth and goodwill

toward all men sentiment
sacrilegious to bully,

fully sully mankind's divine holiness,
and present disgrace to human race
in the dolled guise of heretic


quasi analogous to a matador ramrod ready
to Catch Bull at Four in a China shop

gored when muleta waved -

courtesy matador incited Bos Taurus

both fuming, fretting, foaming, et cetera

even the spectators
frothing at the mouth with lather

while smartphones captured tableau
frozen in time photo touched up

stripping bare every bloody


last vestige of cruelty
toward a gregarious animal
exclusively a domestic species
males genetic propensity
culled, goaded, likened as fearsome beast,
synonymous when anonymous nasty brute
fomented enormous disaster

monetarily eviscerated yours truly

an online scamming assault,
the repercussions I still forced to wage


depredations living hand to mouth

quaffing caustic acidic ale,

a cunning prankster did stage

comparable to kindle figurative

ringed fire of rage

within my still smoldering belly –
coalescence fuels tinder

while financial security riven

and rent asunder

severely dislocating, hobbling,


paralyzing vertebrae constituting

gray and white matter, appearing

in a cross-section as H-shaped gray matter

surrounded by white matter,

whereat the gray matter consists

of the cell bodies of motor

and sensory neurons,

interneurons, and neuropils

(neuroglia cells and mostly

unmyelinated axons).

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