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George Washington Set Potus Precedent...no lie


just different

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trumped hill re: by a bill yon votes

and bridged tradition (Abe Lee) linkedin
to present president; biden his time

trying to build back better

suspended crumbling infrastructure

hallmark of United States

transportation superhighways

tied railed planks

successfully spanned across country.

This revolutionary fella preceded by
Adams family patriarch giving rise
twin heir (plain lee gifted "Renaissance
Man") Jeff force'n without hemming
and hawing, (nevertheless sallying forth)

subsequently conceding nexus,

(nor horse drawn Lexus) of Colonial
power to Madison, thence Monroe
buttoned up as suitable candidate after
which younger Adams elected.


Thirty four followed Jackson's club
trumpeting (some Obama nib bully)
bushwhacking their way predicated
on faulty Algorithm, charming
charismatically with hint of Clint
like glint in eyes, blinding populace,
sans ray gun (Reagan), Car Tour ring
with peanut gallery in tow, affording
(unpopularly pardoning unfashionably),
a Jerry rigged nixed son, followed
by John's son tainted by stain of Vietnam,
but with said Southeast Asian debacle,
one Ken heady (sporting thick styled hair)
inherited an internecine conflict, essentially
precipitated, when Eisenhower hardened
political stance against any allies of the
Soviet Union, (sans The Viet Cong), and
pledged his firm support to Diem
and South Vietnam.

Now with preceding administration, one
harried true man unleashed advent of atomic
spectra upon Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, this
purported preemptive measure scary ruse
felt to thwart exaggerated Japanese government
threatened (military intelligence) scheming.



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