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lightness in the dark
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A Letter Of Dismay



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on the way to meet

 a sweet destiny awaiting

a twist of fate got in the way

I had to face a uncontrolable

force that changed the course

of day intentions faded away 

 had no choice other than

to take the predetermined rout

mapped out for me couldn't

believe what was happening

like having a bad dream

it had me in chains under

restraint kept me from being

mobile free will abandoned me 

 it couldn't be unchanged it

had a strong influence on me

I struggled long to breakfree 

of the hold it had on me

but it was stronger than me 

I could'nt get from under it

long enough to pin to the mat

I had to pen it to the pad

I tried to get over it  but

I couldn't lose sight of me 

 standing in the archway

one step away from entering

the circle of a wondrous 

time I imagined it to be 


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mlowe5 says:

Ah so life go. ONE. Peace and Love.

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