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just different

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Poetic pieces posturing & pontificating 

This pontif was hating

Composing prose to pose

Better disclose, by being this close 

Scribbling and scribing scripts 

Describing glyphs 

While prescribing snips

Never hiding

I come alive in quips

Writing then reciting tips

I've been deciding THIS

To offer up surprising gifts

No more surmising wit

I somehow kept surviving clips

Tragic horror, sci-fi thriller

I'm confiding THIS

Painful memories became a catalyst 

Wrote down my goals > I had a list

Chose to write and direct my own feature film

PLUS, I was the main protagonist 

That was covered in banter and slander

And had an angered fist

Yet emerged a demiurge of verse

And a grammatical anatomist 

Many couldn't fathom it

Once a fuming human

To a phantom mist

I read and wrote in tandem

'Til l I controlled my souls randomness 

But ENOUGH for now 

As I exit and bow

Remaining a creative coagulant 

I express from my chest more or less

As I become the passionate intellectual antagonist

With a Gemini fire dragon fist!

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Contest Winner  

Imagination_733 says:

I love this. So clever and creative!

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mlowe5 says:

FISIBUMP, Skitzo! Thanks for the share. Love the canvassing wordplay. Peace and Love.

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