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just different

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I’m under the weather

Yes, I’m feeling the reign (rain)

A pro with pain

Flowing propane

I KNOW loss, but I too know gain

Could this possibly be another verbose strain

Going comatose due to this follicular adenoma dose

Blowing back the fume of plume from whence the smoke came

I never knew nor do I seek to know fame

Especially in a world that’s made their pastime - Cocaine

Simple observation of the odd serf nation

Is I’d rather be living an average life of madness

Than to exist with uncontrolled bone pain

Oppose prose from a bloody nose stain

Stuck on this slow train, it denotes grain

And I’ve made it my soul (sole) aim

To have spoke flame

While I inadvertently quote GAME

Living a shattered reality

Where all I see and smell is smoke HAZE

Ive had too many broke days

Until the day broke after a night of scribing

I’m describing a life of enlightenment

Was frightened by the frightening lightning and

Thunder bolts, I plunder woke jokes

As a jolt of success was placed on hold

Back to comatose, I know the folk

As I dethrone the foes so cloaked

That had obnoxiously consciously persuaded & provoked

Feeling exhausted after being conveniently lost in

A nerdy wordy boss that flirts with words he was engrossed in

Feeling raptured, mentally captured and placed into encampment

Lyrical enchantments, enchanting while chanting rhymes

While observing scantily clad dancing lines

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Great connecting synaptic wordplay with profound allegorical messaging! Thanks for the share, Sktzo. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.
Contest Winner  

The Immortal Wize says:


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