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They say silence is a virtue 

So I patiently wait with a smile 

Taking a backseat in style 

Ready to observe the oasis

Reasoning is the foundation 

Depending on your basis 

Have a home life that’ll drive you crazy

In 9 years learned about love 

I can’t waste it

Too much time wasted being complacent

Never settled for broke 

But the passion was stagnant 

I guess it’s a burden to leave those 

You divided your energy with 

Investing in the wrong one is equivalent 

To losing the fruits you harvested

To those with their hands spent parted

Nothing is free

Maybe the thought process

It takes effort to enter my mind

Some have but not one departed

It’s a spiritual journey

I do it whole-hearted


In self-actualization 

Ready to act without hesitation 

Observance never wasted 

So calculated 

I count my steps on the pavement 

Just to prove to myself I made it 

Could have traded my soul ages ago

Another story from rags to riches

Some woman who 

Turned dreams into digits 

I was never a sell out 

I just added the interest 

The change is subtle with every move 

Each methodical moment meant to

Expand your consciousness

Be open to it 

In order to receive the wisdom

What’s worthy is often unwritten

Life has demonstrated 

The validity of discretion

Strength in the lessons 

Process of progression

Never chasing but manifesting 

With unwavering intention 


 Written by: 


Desi Sevena 

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