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Met a friend for lunch 

I was hoping to talk 

She had good intentions 

She thought 

Agreed to meet at our favorite spot 

Just to catch up 

Didn’t think she’d check her phone 

Every few seconds 

It’s been a year since we connected 

It was cozy at bus stop seven 

I should have stayed-

Instead I’m pulling on my drink label 

Counting the tips on

Bussed tables 

My mind’s racing with ideas 

She hardly notices 

Her mission is to be overly-flirty 

With the waiter and hostess 

We’re that disconnected 

From reality 

A society lacking roots   

Will I ever be able 

To indulge in discussion 

A subject of substance 

I’m a ticking time bomb 



I’d settle for less today 

Even short interruptions 

She pulls out her phone, again  

Starts twitter thumbing 

Then snaps a photo of her food 

Tags me in the post with


As though real conversation 

Wasn’t an option

She’s across the table from me 

We aren’t engaged 

It’s more like a function 

I pull out my phone

This must have triggered her

To communicate 

She flashed a smile 

Then proceeded to initiate 

Small talk 

This is just awk..ward  

I’m considerate so I-

Allow her to take the lead 

Again with the phone 

She holds it up and motions me

To have a seat beside her 

Let’s take a picture 

She said, so innocently 

I couldn’t smile 

Hope she doesn’t tag me 

In some superficial post 

About meeting old friends 

Then doing the “most” 

I left the cafe feeling 


Next time I’ll stay 


Dez Sevena 

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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Mingoao says:

You're a good story-teller. -Peace

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Coalhouse says:


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Breadcrumbs2021 says:

Well said, but sad and so true, people best friends is this square plastic black mirror thing in their pocket. Nice write.

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mlowe5 says:

I feel you. So much for what was supposed to be about unselfish friendship. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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