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The Age of the Irrational Mind



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Listening is a virtue 

You hear others 

As they speak 

If you’re like me

Your bullet’s already 

In the chamber 

Locked and loaded 

Ready to refute   

With conviction 

Of dynamite 

That could cause

An explosion 

You could 

Summon “facts” 

In seconds 

Using your  


To discourage 


I respect the 


It doesn’t suffice  

I sat with those

I don’t agree with

Disciplined enough 

To objectively entertain 


-My ears were bleeding- 

I rustled 

The way leaves do 

At season

Attended speeches 

When the crowd stood 

I remained seated  

After hours of talk 

I walked out 

Without reason 

If you ask me

The general consensus 

Is that the system 


An irrational mind 

In the age of wisdom 

Would you care 

For a briefing 

Lips are moving 

That’s all I’m seeing 

Perpetual grievance 

Illogical teachings   

Someone’s a 

Tactful genius  

They planted 

The seed 

Where the soil 


We ate the fruit 

Then almost died 

There used to be 

Free thinkers 

Show me the way 

To the table 

Where mutual respect 

Is habituated 

A word 

For the chosen few 

Unafraid to refrain

From popular truths 

Be a leader 

In this climate 


Mainstream debauchery 

Weakens the youth 


Dez Sevena 

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