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I Inhale taking in my surroundings

There’s a thick cloud of smoke

Circling above me 

My stomach’s talking 

I can hear the rumblings

I live simply I don’t need much to survive 

There’s plenty to ignite my senses

The city and I are acquaintances 

Similarly invested

Vicariously restless

Something about the noises

The neighbors make

The clatter and clank 

Keep me up

It provokes a sensation 

A reminder that my loneliness 

Hasn’t been wasted 

I’m entertained by the mundane 

Always listening to strange dialogue 

Awake in my queen sized bed 

Eager to sleep 

There’s so much drama in this complex 

Like me

It comes alive in the nighttime 

I often sit in the leather chair 

I claimed from Goodwill 

Who knew it’d be where I gathered ideas 

Talking with myself 

Forgetting what’s real  

No place to escape the feeling I feel

This dreaded intellectual appeal 

The only small talk I make 

Is in front of the mirror 

Practicing mantras before I derail

I sit dissecting the comments

Here alone

Passing judgement

Isn’t it ironic 


Written By: Desi Sevena 

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Charles2 says:

Very intense. Descriptive

poems by this commentor



love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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