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NOT 4gotten


just different

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My soul is tired

I have no “attire”

Yet unlike a squire

I flow with fire

And I know some old souls conspire

I’m deep in a pit so low

Yes, I’ve known MUCH higher

Too damn logical to pull myself up

I need a soul supplier


I wish to have the life, that I had prior

‘Cause its now down to the wire

And what have I acquired?

A flaky wraith with a shaky faith, nearly became a GOD denier

Life flipped, a strife script, this scribe ripped

Its the best way that I can describe it

Because even with faith, feels like my soul is what HE requires

Now I seek no pity, because I speak to the entire choir

That too feels tossed and lost and completely drained and tired

From emotional fragility to their spirits core & fiber

I remain confused with a few loose screws

And pain from WHOSE NOOSE, gotten me ripped and torn sinews

I forbid you to use vim too

Is what I HEAR, whenever I see the grim news

Take note, this wraith afloat shares scripts & scribbled prosody

Most possibly, because Im seeking conversational reciprocity

Obviously, my verbosity is expressed psychologically

As I wish to drop clever scripts and NEVER drop’em sloppily

And though, my rap throes never caused any cash flow

I never really sought for it to change my life economically

I KNOW Im decent, at least in the times more recent

Because MOST of what I write and recite misdone so pedagogically

And Im sure some of you picked it up quite logically

Because I fear leaving no legacy, that’s the worst atrocity

So sometimes my fulminations are spewed caustically

Most of my rage and human distaste is verbalized symbolically

Even though the pain expressed is legitimate, and its hurting me chronically

And though the pain is real, its probably GODs gift to me

To KEEP ME from irresponsibly responding pompously & obnoxiously

So I’d rather drop some homilies with constancy

Because I hold on to the promises that GOD promised me

And grasp then clasp while others laugh at me constantly

But I will prophesy and then fulfill the prophecy

So I spew no animosity, but philosophy of my ideology

All the while I thank GOD for the generosity

Of meeting me half way, periodically

And I feel loved and begotten, see?

Because that means HE hasn’t forgotten me!

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naze00011 says:

BRAVO!!!!! Excellent!!!! A poem worthy to bring the house down.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A beautiful flowing inspiring awareness that should never be "4gottened". Thanks for the share. ONE, Skitzo.

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