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Intrusive thoughts pulling me, closer, (to the edge.)

I need more than prayers,

and 10 Hail Mary's, to talk me, (off this ledge)...

He fell from the Heavens, and rests on my shoulder, Devoured Man, in the Garden, And made my heart, colder.

'Stood by Judas, And mocked the cross, Raised Hell on earth, And mocks our loss!

Paralysis as I sleep,

(The fear & the dread,)

Wake me up from this slumber,

As I carefully tread..

Cradle to the Grave,

(Encryptions of the Beast!)

Blasphemous Sixes,

(As the demons, start to feast!) 


Torn between 

A beautiful release and


Tempting to say the least 

It’s true what they say 

(The flesh is weak) 

A proclivity for defeat 


Rich from the deceit 

Lucifer taunts me 

With tantalizing dreams

Can’t sit still 











State assistance 

Pays for the therapy

I have each week

Pretending my attendance


My depression

Told my psychiatrist to point me 

In the right direction 

Where positive impression

Is embellished 

She clears her throat 

Then straightens her lenses

Before asking me 

The burning question

Is your intention to self harm? 

Not today

I say- 

Distracted with ideations 

I say I’m finished 

Once more 

Masking my self-loathing 

With awkward grimace 


The devil curtails when

I don’t succumb to life’s hurdles 

He rather I end it now 

(A quick trip to the inferno) 

Everyday a constant struggle to further

(Drowning in existence) 

Gun to the head 

Like I’m about to 

Commit murder  


Straight jacket,

Locked & loaded,

Spinning the revolver!

Like it's

Russian Rou-lette!

One shot, one kill,

So I can:

Forgive & Forget!

Put me out of my misery, (I don't want company,)

Send in the Calvary, when I count, to 3!


Praying to the 

Prince of peace 

To come save me 


I dance with the fallen angels 

Flaunt my broken halo 


Sadistic, twisted thoughts 

That I entangle 



In a suicidal triangle 

No one understands 

My mind is warped   

I’m about to dismantle 

In the meantime

Playing the cards 

I was dealt 

Betting it all

On the gamble 


Written By: Dez Sevena & Maria Chavez 

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