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We met in 7th grade by accident

You were sitting at the back of the class 

Throwing crumbled pieces of paper at strangers you just met

If I’m correct

You kicked my chair to get my attention 

My first reaction was to cuss you out

Who uses puerile behavior to break the ice, I thought

I flung my chair around and our eyes locked

There was an instant connection

A sense of familiarity that I can only describe as nostalgia 

We knew each other on another plane of existence

We needed each other

There wasn’t resistance 

You were placed in my life at that moment for a reason 

I don’t call it fate I call it a season

You and I were too terrified to admit 

We were attracted to the same-sex

Too busy hiding our “truth” with laughter 

You made me laugh the way no one could

Looking back

I know for a fact you used humor to mask your pain 

At least it was just that at the time

After graduation you were different

Once on a mission to become a musician 

You threw it away for temptations 

Too much partying and drugs

For me, too many women

We were riding the high

Lacking the wisdom

On some journey to fluidism 

I was raised Christian

You made it your purpose to get me to question

Everything I was ever taught by my parents

Always left me guessing which side of the fence I was on

We fed off each other’s energy 

Even when I was wrong you remained solid

I trusted you with my life, you were like a brother


We’re both mid-thirties and haven’t talked for nearly a decade

Never thought someone so close to me could be a memory

It’s that time of year again when I pick up my pen 

A time for inspiration, I used to say

Where there’s beauty in death

Worth of mention in progress

Even the baby steps

Somehow I can’t forget the time we shared for all those years

I heard you were in and out of jail for petty theft

Then I looked you up and saw your name, I was perplexed

Wrote you once but omitted my home address

I didn’t want you to find out where I lived 

I feared your criminal intent

But you were the one I trusted 100 percent

Had to remind myself that we’re different 

Still on two separate planes of existence

I’m writing you because I don’t need a reason

Don’t worry I won’t forget that you were my favorite season. 


Written By: Dez Sevena 

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