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Hypnagogic Logic


just different

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Once labeled the intellectual gangster

From a squire like jester to regal prankster

Some called me the surly colic & brolic Buddha

My tonics Judah, as they try to sue the

NYC court system, yet I refused the

Disturb-ing curt words of Medusa

As I tried to seduce her

Emerged a demiurge with a verse from Her-Mes

That both perturbed and disturbed me

As certain persons & earthly merchants search to curb me

All the while, I’m internally hurting

While hurling wordy verses

While dispersing as Im conversing

I come to grips with my wit in scripts

And became a sacrilegious iconoclastic scribe

A syllabic scavenger scavenging sentences

To spew at the heralding hierophant

I suppose Im high off SIN

Once a serf

With curt words of hurt

That played games of trepidation

Drenched in intrepid hatred

No vespers sacred

Losing sight of my practical persona

Languishing my laughable corona

Stuck in a coma, I’m kinda comatose

My personas prose

Verbally dispersing verbose & morose flows

Eric Lee eroding and slowly dissipating


The lazy and loquacious lasciviousness

Stuck in a world covered in salacious seriousness

A robust fool so lustful

Dipped in a life of debauchery

Its hounding me

Lyrically shrewd yet a lewd dude

Spiritually nude as I sacrifice

Since the day I had a vice

I’ve been a conscientious combatant twice

No time for indulgences, check the bulges in

My spinal column as I suffer from discs bulged and slipped discs

Now I sit here and have become a scripturient that writ scripts

And no longer believe that anyone could eclipse THIS

So I flip scripts, torn pages chill on the floor

Laying there in despair as I stare into the air

Seeking for some iridescent fluorescent flair

Yet without a care as a spare I study the snare

Not the drum, but as a bum in the slum

Ive been covered in demonic cum

THIS is the plague bubonic strum

Merely a man on thereof as a fiddler

Playing as an enigma stuck in a puzzle

Placed with disgraced in Pandoras box

Is it paradoxical or logical?

That this mere mortal is mending maladies

Yet seen as an obscene

Mendacious man on the screen

An appetite so voracious I wanna scream

Overly ambitious, I dream of planned wishes

AM I a scam, vicious?!

Will I ever get out of HADES

To potentially rise and actually, reach my apogee?

My psychosomatic antics are tethered to endeavors severed

And my self-knowledge is tethered to Akashic, come grasp it

Creating a catastrophic cadaver sampler

Hidden in an elaborate labyrinth

Staring at a wall in this 7 latch jacket

With quick release snaps fastened

WHO AM I? Is it true that suicide

Would brutally screw my baby’s jewel eyes?

Hmm, I grew from adversity

Emerged into an intrepid shrewd

Roots of a fool drenched in decrepitude

Ancient decrepit dude

The HATE tried to have slept with you

Ive wept for you

I prayed GOD would protect you

And an angel was sent to you

This message I send to you

Seems some prayers are of a hollow cost

Observing inert persons while vermin serpents

Were hurting persons in a modern day holocaust

You all KNOW exactly what I speak of

But apparently some countries think its fine to borrow loss

My bad! I jump in and out of persona quick

As I suffered from a nasty intellectual hematoma slip

Then again, what am I? Where are you?

And how do we TRUTH digest, if we don’t know how to die yet?

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A profound rendering, Sktzo! Love the rhythmic figurative language flow of this though provoking poetic canvas. Thanks for the share. Beautiful! ONE. Peace and Love.

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