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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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tell me something you say is true I won't ask you to show the proof still that don't mean I believe you I mean if you believe what you believe who am I to disagree if it works for you that don't mean it necessarily have to work for me I choose to remain silent you won't hear a word from me the world is full of practicianers practicing medicine with no degree journalist without a major in journalism psychics who never see it coming now how is that clairvoyant I'm just saying where's the clairsentiance tossed and turned all night from thinking about it all day long thought in mind no way I got to twist I got to turn emotional letters to burn like ashes in a urn some stuff I gotta stop some folks I need to block if time is not then why watch a clock could cry but why waste the snot in the zone curtains drawn watching a cressent moon craving a banana the thought floats away like a air balloon if I could touch a star I'd take it out the sky to keep for a heirloom truth be told I don't believe it's that little if you look close enough you'll see a little colorful light blinking in the middle science will only keep us guessing all that guessing will only keep us stressing out about nothing ask the right question then count the change of subject matters it's 90 seconds to midnight times almost up for abuse of power countdown to the final hour through the fire down to the wire I'm not even gone hold you when it's up it's never down

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mlowe5 says:

Time waxes; so does age. It's a reality that with both life obviously wanes, but each day still here waxes the upward coming sojourn up being celebrated down here in juxtaposed joyful reality. ONE in the title! Peace and Love.

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