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The human race is a chase, the prey is our dreams.

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Sweet Love



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Unwrapped you so fast in anticipation 

Delight in sight, I really appreciate your participation 

Be patient, I'll make sure that your time ain’t wasted

Your pain, frustration, and stress is all that I’m taking

Giving you nothing more than pleasure and pressure 

Turn off the lights, and place your phone up on the dresser

Sweet sensations, your taste and smell, I know them so well

Like a kid, digging in a bag of Penny Candy, who could always tell

What was what, by the shape and feel, like your sweet spot

Your caramel’s starting to melt, cuz you so hot!

Moans, I’m listen, fingers sticky, glistening, I won’t stop...

This sugar rush, got me ‘bout to bust, like a dropped Grape soda pop!

Enjoying your fun dip while you satisfy my Snickers like a Chico Stick

This candy crush is too much, but you don’t even trip

Whenever you’ve had enough, just tap me on my hip

Clothes disposed like paper and plastic wrappers 

So outrageous, turning pages like best selling novel chapters 

Explicit, our plots twisted like telenovela Actors

Various climaxes and cliff hangers until our story’s written

Sugar, honey, pie, I’m so in love, lust, addicted, and smitten!

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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