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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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we have the right to feel we have the right to express how we feel no one has the right to make us feel any other way then how we feel about something or another or how we feel inside we are all filled with feelings and our feelings do matter our feelings are valid Joy is just as important as pain we must kill the pain and let nothing and no one kill or joy I would never come for ones Joy and God forgive me for what I might do if one comes for mine we set boundaries by drawing lines and putting up a sign "DO NOT CROSS" there will always be those who see the sign but choose to ignore the sign every time you turn around you have to put em in check and put em in line those who know where you stand but act like they're blind whether it be nearsighted or farsighted believe me they see fine it's asinine to let someone make you believe it's all good when you feel something's wrong feelings never lie a feeling is like a day one friend you can always rely on it will never steer you wrong when you weak a feeling is an emotion that will make you strong allowing someone else to dictate how your feelings minimizes your self esteem never let anyone inside your dream unless you plan for them to be a part of the scene or they will rip it apart at the seam remember a lot of damage can be done with a seam ripper stitches always leave scars your feelings matter no matter who you are hurt feelings are wounds too people who don't care about your feelings will wound you be careful who you choose to talk to especially when the conversation concerns you divulging too much information can be damaging to your situation causing more complication then you could ever imagine or anticipate you and only you know how you feel what you will and what you won't do that's why it is wise to never ever let anyone persuade us otherwise we're doomed to our own prowes 

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mlowe5 says:

Definitely upon the up and up! Nice awareness write. ONE. Peace and Love.

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