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Hey Poetryvibe Family!! I been away for awhile but "I'M BACK!!!"

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Nature's Whisper


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Just Listen to Nature in it's

Natural Habitats, 

from the blowing of the winds,

through the Tall Oak Trees,

from the birds chirping and

 the buzzing of the bee's,

The Wildlife animal's are

all around, from the Rivers of 

Flowing water,

what a Beautiful Sound,

from the Frogs that

 croak along the Rivers creeks 

Just sit and listen to Nature speak,

The call of the wild at it's highest peak

A beautiful surrounding of

 essence that we seek,

Mother Nature is speaking,

through Whispering Winds, 

Be still and just Listen

For, Her Story never Ends!!!




Date: 12/8/2023

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mlowe5 says:

Well canvased. Thanks for the serene share. ONE. Peace and Love.

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