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Damn I been rejected by myself! Damn I been rejected by my mother! Damn I been rejected by my father as a baby! Damn I been rejected by Love! Damn My heart starting to rejected me! The rejection I received became my Darkness. I been rejected by my child because my ex took he/she life. I fear the word love. Love comes with rejection. My deepest fear is beyond measure of rejection.  It’s been a long time coming, as I walk through the dark night of rejection of my life of happiness & love. By Dale Cooper

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mlowe5 says:

Deep. Now it's time to reject rejection of self and the love of God giving love. Indeed, look into the mirror of love and see the beautiful creature looking back at you; blessed from above. One, Peace and Love, Dale Cooper. In this deep reflection of yours, do not reject the coming divine wisdom and guidance of a resurrected life of happiness and love.

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