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Father Forever & Uncle Love


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To My Beautiful Daughter and Beautiful Niece’s.Baby girl’s you are worth everything in the world.

“You Are The Light,

You Are The Moon,

You Are The Stars,

You Are The Mountains,

You Are Strong,

You Are Unique,

You Are Perfect Exactly As You Are,

You Are Worthy Of Love,

You Are Beautiful Inside & Out,

You Are Enough,

You Are excellent,

You Are Love By Your Heart And Your Heart & Soul Is Pure Beautiful.”

P.S. Y'all are Everything To Me as Father & Uncle I Truly Love & Appreciate Y'all For Being Yourself It's A Blessing To Build A Foundation For Y'all To Grow And Take Over The Universe.

By Dale Cooper 

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mlowe5 says:

A beautiful inspirational share, Dale. May our daughters and nieces be likewise inspired. ONE. Peace and Love.

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