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Proper Spanking



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I dont really know how I feel about spanking now. It could be a senseless tradition handed down by former slave masters. Its like we inflected it on our children so the world outside of what they know what not do them worse. Maybe the saying is true that all men dont want to be free, they want to be masters. 

Something deep in their soul is bellowing as their stomach fold and bend around the reflux of owning another human being. I think they have always wanted our bodies and I say they reluctantly because that demographic is shifting on a day-to-day basis. 

You say racist, I say racist and we are talking about different things. There are some that can shift sides and we would not even know it. Before if we did, we would note it just to help us save future pain. 

I am in pain. I have deep trauma locked in my nerves but the future could have been something worse but the how could I really know. I thank God for his guidance in all things and my direction remains to keep moving forward.

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The Immortal Wize says:

Treating children like slaves is not the way to make them behave. When we know different we do different that might sound a bit cliche to say. I get what you are saying I've always felt parental oppression and perfection in some shape form or fashion.

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Mingoao says:

Really insightful writing. -Peace

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mlowe5 says:

Yes Sir! What we need to be doing with the children today, is spanking the dirt of their minds with divine wisdom. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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