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Take Off



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You see my struggle and grind
To some folks is your punch line
Always remember everybody 
Will always show their hand in due time
Trying to shine
In competition with your mind
Since your flaws in the stars still you can’t find
Telling yourself somebody want to snatch your shine
When you can’t even think from your own damn mind
Seeing wrong in real jewels
At the same time getting played by BooBoo the fool
Standing in the truth is my number one rule
Seeing to far sometimes not even having a clue
Butt backed up by 100%guarantee I never said anything that wasn’t true
Cause we blood don’t mean shyte it leaks the same way water do
Don’t get it misconstrued
Natraul born mentalist we teach  psychartrist  too 
For my respect I’ll die and forever stand on my word
That’s one thing nobody can take from me
Love and loyalty is priceless no type of currency
Plus I’m humble not a dummy
Just ask the rabbit was it funny
Still learning to balance Spiritual along with Gudda
While bixes question my sanity as well as my spirituality
Let me give you actuality
Cause you living in reality
That just blew over your head
So why try to even battle me
Worrying about other folks 
Is just a waste of energy
You really fuxed up in the head mentally 
Got the nerve to call me crazy
Because I use the left and right side of my brain amazingly
Or should I say Adam and Eve 
That’s why she ate the apple off the tree
To learn to live life instead of going bout it blindly 
You see I overstand Universally
Come fly with OneWing over 33* Degrees


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