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Who's gone a stand up for me 

The one’s I know who would, already 6 feet deep 

I am mad because they checked out on me 

Way to young and to damn early 

So, I learnt to fly with One Wing 

Just trying to figure out my destiny 

But it gets detrimental 

Especially for my mental 

Plus, disrespect in my book never get an acquittal 

I admit I've never been a saint 

A jack of all trades it is not too much to do, that I cannot  

Saling my soul I ain’t 

I face the man in the mirror and take in all considerations on complaints 

But check this out God blessed me with my own mind to thank 

Never been a puppet 

Nor a crab. in the bucket 

I move off the beat of my own drum 

I have feelings to so sometimes my emotions can over run 

My mouth and damn again, the devil has won 

Just like I play my hand accordingly just for fun 

I'm not who i use to be 

Secret grudges, beef, hate, and secrete animosity 

Another method to trick me off these streets 

My thang is if you feel some type of way stay the *** away from me 

I mean this from the bottom of my heart sincerely 

The real me is goofy and bubbly 

Love to have fun, joke, I am a whole vibe realistically 

Who love everybody wholeheartedly 

But to the ones who don't want to see me great 

It’s not recognized to you cause real does not resonate with fake 

In life i paved my own way 

Still judging me based off who you knew instead of who is in your face 

Plus, i do not look like what I've been through because it’s God’s grace 

For all; those who insinuate 

What God has for me no one can take 

Tell me about the time you stood in Pandora’s face 

Go ahead I'll wait 

I know better but I'm still petty and will put you in your place 

Death is the easy part so if I was you, I will stay out my way 

It hurt so bad plus my blood look for a way 

To keep the narrative of what they say 

Blood leak the same way water do I will take love over loyalty any day 
all the energy i put in to helping you reach a better place 

In life that is how to navigate day to day 

I am that i am my soul will never break 

Bringing divine intervention in a poetic type of way 

I saw your mouth move but I heard what you did not try to say 

Watch how your secrets come on display 

So, I hold you in contempt so watch what you say 

I protect my pride and all my sheep 

Again, who is gone a stand for me 



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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

With divine wisdom and guidance, continue to stand on this solid ground that is the You that You Are! Great write, OneWing33. One. Peace And Love.

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