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…..BREAKING..... HEADLINE..... NEWS.....


just different

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this Xmas eve day 2023


After a top secret clandestine conclave,

one or more sans eight Reindeer forsake

played cow word, and spelt, spilt, spoilt,

et cetera doe fill full heartbreak,

which Santa Claus immediately claimed

to be “FAKE” and accused (Jake)

i.e. Jacob Marley hook concocted game over,

viz every doe done

possibly really espy

from Charles ens renown

“A Christmas Carol”

comprised of many undercurrents,

asper what might appear as placid lake

which proclamation, he immediately

alluded, directed, reputed Putin to make,

which Russian leader

fed rumor mill to rattle and quake

an entablature, fixture,

signature je ne sais quoi linch pin,

which quintessential, prominent,


off limits agitation didst slake

thirst of said tyrannical

uber Voldemort, who glowed

(like the nose of Rudolph), and cherished

folklore idolized love,

would be in seventh heaven to take

credit, which resignation
could pronounce grief

and keep children ah wake


across the world wide web

an a palling gloomy dark

shadow (analogous to
edge of night) falls heavy

across the entire glommed globe,

where even the hark

cunning angels experience a mark

kid lee downcast misery

even affecting plants,

whereat trees slumped over in every park

and nary a solution

to tempt motley crue to avoid such stark


action, but spat out a litany of grievances

unseemly behavior not anew,

but ongoing (quite a shock to learn of caribou

in upper management) via prurient axe,
possibly commingling with questionable emu

but, no matter, these voiced

fur row shuss transgressions soon flew

and spread like wildfire,

whence this virtuous

claque seemed to be a glue

me pack of sordid, revolting,


traversing engaging with elves hoo

fing Alabaster Evergreen, Pepper Minstix,

Shinny Upatree...holy Jew

Peter, thee names

all these centuries sin hissed stir

opprobrious lurid tabloid fodder,

nobody suspected, nor knew,

now nothing could be done except

to arrange an emergency session

with head honchos possibly,

they exchanged tidbits

while utilizing the loo


fast forward after a slapdash

public relations forum opted to arraign

every suspect, even
that oft spotted whooping Crane

(named Stephen) and, how in tarnation can

(or should) an adult explain

to their son or daughter,

that salacious behavior

cannot disappear via


Trump peon strategy to gain

say contrary facts, now this poet break

fast for a repast in the main
thenceforth, the December holiday
will be sober and plain
but taking peremptory measures

to block fireplace flue so no errant rein

deer gets brazen and seeks rapprochement

against immoral attain in vain.


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