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you took my heart 
to hurt me all I felt
was hollow like the empty
champagne bottle after 
taking the last swallow
standing in the same 
spot I wandered off 
into a land mine too
afaraid to take another 
step knowing the next 
could be the last time 
I walk again had no
choice but to put the
years behind me and
muster up enough 
courage to follow 
the uncertainties
up ahead wondering
off into a mind state
hoping to be too lost
to be found you took
a part of me and 
left me standing 
empty handed stuck 
and stranded you left 
me in a bind in the
most chilliest time 
of year without
warmth can't fathom
the thought of how
it felt that exact 
moment bear in mind
no matter how far
down life's path
you travel I won't 
be too far behind 
the worse part of all
I accepted you with 
all of your flaws 
and you left me 
because of mine 
the unmitigated gall


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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

Oh, that audacious mendacity! A well-titled pen. Thanks for the share Immortal Wize. ONE. Peace and Love

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