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The human race is a chase, the prey is our dreams.

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Sometimes I feel as if I’m in the wrong space and time

Been waiting and standing forever in the wrong line

I’m not in pain, just uncomfortable and confused

There is nobody to blame, but I still feel abused

Mistreated and used

Although my hierarchy of needs 

Has been met, my soul is down on its knees

Like a young dad, holding his crying newborn, unsure of her needs

When doubt is your only certainty, you reluctantly plant and water those seeds

Soon they grow roots, and sprout uncontrollably like weeds!

Before you know it

Rows of insecurity bloom into a garden, so you just grow it!

Protect, water and mow it

Harvest its fruits, consume and enjoy it!

So Comfortable with that once uneasy feeling, now it’s all that you love and know

Aren't you glad that you stayed and just let it grow?


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mlowe5 says:

Such be the glorious beauty of managing labors of love in one's own Garden of Eden's Love. Well canvassed. Thanks for the share. ONE. Peace and Love.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Continue to harvest its fruits!

love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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