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Like a terrestrial river,

you flowed into our lives

with waves of love, joy,

and supreme happiness;

few, if any human entities,

brings the healing warmth

you have frothed upon us—

always keenly being there

with sweet eyes, opened ears,

and that ever-waving wand:-


Who would have ever thought

that when we were rescuing you,

that in the end, it would be you

that came to rescue us in dealing 

with the chilling trials and tribulations

that life had cast upon us?


Indeed, without a shadow of doubt,

you have been a God-sent healer;

a canine example of the Masters

lessons on being in and of service:-

Though they call you a service pet,

to us, you are our fur baby of love:

We thank God daily for you, Amani:-


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LP45 says:

Such a beautiful dedication. Nothing like having the unconditional love of a pet.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Thanks, love_supreme. Happy New Year. ONE. Peace and Love.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

So true, LP45. Thanks. ONE. Happy New Year. Peace and Love.

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