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Amongst blueberries picking as a youngster 

Juice running through hand knarled, reaching and with no judge attached to the frown

Looking up sun beams into the juice you reckon upon seasons, the lunar cycle.  The moon in heart, of hibernation, summer pariticpation, leaves falling adrfit from beaconed dreams 

I hum sing out the start; dusty foot path heat in the throat & on finger tip

She sits a plate tapas for meal, cured meat, cheese and breads 

Thick hips and waist and breasts that boom of children held on bosom yet not of womb

Occasion on a whim a tinkle or flirt in her eye away 

Tall elegant child of gay pursuit whose emotions dance footprints over her desire to loot or boot to fancy bar

Instead a cocoa to warm by fire, a book of self improvement

Bringing the glimpse of the crazy ones, who see the rise and fall in chest of a woman to young to breath these hopeful sighs

Thus the request

Bequeaths her with fear double bolts the door at night

As they wish for so much pleasure, emotion, money, ears bending into the wind to hear them - just stopped to say hi!

Don't think of me from the edge of your pubic hair twitching a thought as if I should be there

Rise not in definance by confessions of capability

when you wish into a wishing well to appear with a face screwed up & not discerning but confused, tapered and angry 

Aggressive texts shouting messages 

I represent not the Virgin Mary. 

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Newpanther says:

I am sun-tanning on this poetic beach...

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