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just different

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It’s NOT a metaphor

When I say I once met a whore

I even questioned GOD, why’d HE sent her for?

Apparently, I had a lesson I needed so much PRESSURE MORE

I began to think, are we supposed to be together OR

Was she even someone worthy to settle for?

Of course I questioned WHETHER OR

She’d add value to my life or be a "no go getter" bore

I then came to see she was a demonic narcissist

So I immediately learned I must shred her core

At first I was in pure denial, for a while

Realizing I had just drank from a poisonous vial

This woman so vile, was actually nothing more than a ty pile

And her presence sickened me, like she was a contagion running wild

Good thing she is no longer within my radius

And no demons speaking unbelievable lies persuading us

But rather, now angels have been aiding us

While Yeshua is awaiting us

Giving me strength to overcome struggles facing & plaguing us

All the while working on our personalities of polarity, oh the hilarity!

This PURPOSEFUL PARIAH has been parading us

Yet pervasively permeating lust

But now Satan and his hatred is no longer really engaging us

Because we thrive and feel alive

While we write and recite rhymes from our creativeness

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Very creative from a poetic native being the being chosen to be so merry. ONE. Peace and Love.

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