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Incoherent Bodacious Babel


just different

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It was once said to me

That I have a broken identity

And was then given some Methamphetamine

Which slowly became a best friend to me

Now watch as I converse it hurts

Sit here to disperse curt words much worse

Because the person I love most is an enemy

And I don’t pretend to be, a friendly entity

But none have accepted me

Because I'm unacceptably a man of expressive empathy

To hell with the pleasantry, it's a damn felony

Because I know what jealous be, as many are drenched in jealousy

So I emerged a beautifully dressed effigy presently

Yes, the best pedigree

And I must confess Ive been blessed with creative zealotry

As the many parts of my heart serve words of hurt incessantly

But my cognitive sentience be, another kind of weaponry

While I commune with fools through looseleaf tools endlessly

Scribing scripts, describing pricks

All the while I'm thriving with my phalanges extremity

Maybe I should come back down from the clouds that found me

Tether myself to someone that could ground me

When they come back to combat and surround me

Intrepidly, I express the best of HE effectively

Maybe I should use a better word like efficacious

Becoming MORE THAN a combination of human races

Seeking out various places through genetic traces

While tenacious racists flip the script via a phonetic basis

Got to face it, my faceless and nameless spaces of chasteness

Actually, the malady is called chastity stated tactically

Such voracity to use my perspicacity, elastically

As nuclear thermo verbiage is used to confuse

I refuse to seduce fools in pews

That prefer to lose and snooze in bloody pools of catastrophe

So many SKUS of this inclusive recluse seeking the exclusive news

As this abusive brute reaches for the intangible

This hybrid alien mammalian animal with expandable mandibles

Secretes secrets of such secrecy speaking vehemently

In such a manner not always so palatable, yet undeniably factual

I guess its time to end this rhyme and time table

Its not a cosigned fable, though quite able

To spin the planet on its axis like a fine dreidel

This ends like Prime Time Cable, unplugged with a screen of snow

My final breath I express there must be death

To the version of 'me' you know!

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A profound positive skewed flow of honest awareness and searching understanding of what is often seen outside is not a reflection of what is growing inside. Deep!

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